Wednesday 21 March 2018

A Year in the Like from Microsoft

To celebrate its first million Facebook fans, Microsoft turned to Edelman Digital to create A Year in the Like, a one-of-a-kind Facebook application to discover the past 365 days in a whole new way – through the eyes of your friends and family. A Year in the Like is a personal, experiential gift to thank the one million and more fans who share their opinions and support on the Microsoft social media channels.

Year in the like

A Year in the Like builds upon the new Facebook Timeline by revealing your stories through the perspective of the people who share those memories with you. The application is comprised of two distinct parts to enjoy looking back at your year.

The Journey

It starts with The Journey, an interactive road trip that pulls the most popular content you’ve posted on Facebook. As you begin, dozens and dozens of comments made by your friends appear on the screen. Some comments might look familiar, but some might not. Explore the comments and each click reveals something – a photo, video, status update or check-in – you posted.

The microsoft year in the like journey

Your Life: The Movie

When you’re done exploring, create a shareable movie starring your friends and featuring your content. The second part of the application is a short-film generator; one click and you’re watching a movie filled with some of your most memorable moments from the past year.  Choreographed and set to music, it’s guaranteed to surprise and delight anyone who tries it. You can even curate custom movies by people and types of content using a variety of filters, making each movie special and unique.

For the Microsoft and Edelman Digital team, A Year in the Like uncovered our parents complimenting stunning photos from a family vacation, our loved ones reacting to an engagement announcement, our classmates catching up on campus at alumni weekend as well as our friends reminiscing about adventures, birthdays, holidays and more.

year in the like story

When you share A Year in the Like with your friends, what will you discover? It’s your life, their Likes.

jessica evans

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