Sunday 22 April 2018

Capitol Tweets: Yeas and Nays of the Congressional Twitterverse

At 100 million monthly active users, much has been written about Twitter’s revolutionary impact on information-sharing, reporting and brand management. Capitol Tweets, a study released today by Edelman’s D.C. office, explores a narrow impact of Twitter – its role in the democratization of political communication and use among U.S. Members of Congress.

Through a partnership with the social media analytics tool Simply Measured, Edelman collected and analyzed Twitter data from 89 U.S. Senators and 367 U.S. Representatives across a 112-day period. This data set included 59,270 tweets sent by Members of Congress and 1,312,861 mentions of Members’ official Twitter handles.

Since the laws for politicians’ Twitter use have not been written, the only implied rule is to use appropriate and successful behaviors. In Capitol Tweets, Edelman explored Members’ of Congress behavior on Twitter and defined and prescribed metrics for their success.

We encourage you to read through the study and view the associated infographic below. Additional graphs from the Capitol Tweets analysis are available here.

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