Tuesday 24 April 2018

When should we add PR?

Seth Godin’s blog post this evening is ‘when should we add marketing?’ He cites the old “Mad Men era” when “..we added marketing last.”

The same question should be asked of public engagement where, unfortunately, the Mad Men are still around.

Along with Seth’s marketing, PR should also be first in our thinking. 

Too often the PR team is brought in at the end to “promote what was made” or cover off issues that might emerge.

Enlightened organisations include communicators from the start. And I mean right at the start. Right from concept: whether it’s developing a new widget, creating a new community or deciding where to locate a fast food outlet.

Communications should not be perfunctory or worse: an afterthought.

Communicators can do more than just flag PR matters early – saving time and money. They can help the product or service find a clearer voice and build a more compelling storyline. They can also provide fresh insights and healthy input to strategic thinking through the total development process. 

We should add PR as early as we can. 




Article source: http://davidpark.posterous.com/when-should-we-add-pr