Thursday 22 February 2018

PIXELS & INK: A Discussion About the Future of Journalism {VIDEO}

 I was in the audience this week at an event presented by Herald Sun and News Limited – PIXELS INK: A Discussion About the Future of Journalism.

The event was held at State Library Victoria in Melbourne but was live streamed over the internet.

The moderator was New York-based Steve Rubel, EVP Global Strategy Insights at Edelman, with a panel comprising:

  • Phil Gardner, Editor-in-Chief, Herald and Weekly Times
  • Campbell Reid, Group Editorial Director, News Limited
  • Russel Howcroft, CEO Australia/New Zealand at Young Rubicam Brands
  • Renee Barnes, Journalism Lecturer, RMIT

(DISCLOSURE: I was part of the team from Edelman engaged to help stage the event).

The discussion was free-flowing and participants came at the topic (the current and future state of the media) from numerous angles.

Key Themes

Key themes explored included: What does journalism look like? How is it going to evolve? How is this going to affect us as consumers and readers?

If you work in media, marketing, advertising or PR – or are just interested in the media space – then I think you’ll  enjoy this video recording of PIXELS INK.

It’s nearly an hour long, so you might want to grab a coffee (or glass of wine) before pressing ‘play’ :)

Twitter hashtag for the conversation is #heraldsunfoj.

More information on the ‘Future of Journalism’ topic can be found at News Limited’s website.


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