Tuesday 24 April 2018

Mobile World Congress 2012 Video Recap

This post includes a series of video reports by Matthew Whalley originally posted on Edelman Editions, Edelman UK’s digital publishing platform.

Matthew Whalley, Technology Content Director for Edelman UK’s technology practice reported live from the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona last week. Matthew conducted a series of interviews and reports covering major trends, insights and debuts with a look to the future of the industry.

Redefining Mobile

The theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress was Redefining Mobile. Smartphone vendors and the other usual suspects were in attendance, but there were a few attendees from outside the mobile industry that Matt covers in the following video. The question for many at the conference is, “Which features will prove to be compelling enough to serve as key differentiators for the consumer this year?”

Explaining Mobile Marketing

Matt’s conversation with Edelman’s Director of Digital Head of Mobile Renate Nyborg discusses her insights and the opportunities mobile and social media can present for marketers. She also reveals 2012’s biggest buzzterm…

Mobile networks; an opportunity for agencies?

In this video clip, Matt first discusses the mobile networks’ marketing strategy within the ecosystem, what opportunities they’re missing, and how agencies could be a solution to their problem.

As a bonus he also managed to snag an interview with the dryly witty tech journalist Monty Munford for his views on this year’s congress.

Think about CSR

Matt discusses the use of other, not-so-obvious mobile technologies besides the headline-grabbing latest app and hardware releases in this report. He calls for more thought be given to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) technology for ways to really improve and enhance peoples’ lives in emerging markets.

Event Roundup

And if you missed any of the key insights from above, here’s Matthew’s video round-up of what stood out, and what key learnings he recommends vendors take away in preparation for next year’s event.

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