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Growing Trust in the Italian Media: Traditional, Online and Social

Presented on January 31, 2012 by the Edelman Trust Barometer 2012 Italy. Originally posted by Edelman Italy. Please visit the blog of Edelman Italy to download the presentation.

Italy remains a country with a generally high level of trust in Europe. Only the Netherlands, with 61%, shows higher trust in the government, media, businesses and NGOs. Italy was 56% last year and remains at 56% this year, while France slipped to 40%, Spain 37%. Japan falls from 51% to 34% due to the nuclear disaster. The United Kingdom remains low at 41% and the United States at measures at 46%.

Political and Financial Chaos of 2011

Most of the 25 countries examined, governments collected an index of trust below 50%. In France, Spain, Brazil, China, Russia and Japan, as well as in six other countries, trust in government has fallen by over 10 percentage points. Even in Italy the fall of trust in government has been remarkable, but since the survey was conducted between October 12 and November 15, it took into consideration the Berlusconi government (disastrous score: 38%) and not the new government with Monti.

“Today, companies are more credible,” said Fiorella Passoni, CEO of Edelman Italy, “and can lead a general recovery of trust, trying to be perceived as a force for progress and a source of wealth, not for profit organizations “.

Most trust in business is without trust in the CEO. Trust in the CEO dropped by 12 percentage points in Europe on average (the largest slip in 9 years). Instead, back in vogue is the trust in “people like me”, in equals and colleagues, now preceded only by academics and experts.

Implications for Italy and Europe

But Italy is particularly significant in the new-found trust in the media, which rose from 40 to 59%, and in social media, up 19%. Today, social networking, micro-blogging, content sharing sites and information sources are equally reliable as traditional media, and certainly much more than advertising.

“The media did an outstanding job last year to explain the financial problems throughout Europe,” said Alan VanderMolen, President and CEO of Global Business Practices and Insights, Edelman Diversified. “They have been able to offer a wide range of reports and opinions.”

Academics, business experts and technicians are always at the top of the trust in Italy and around the world; they are considered the more reliable than the representatives of NGOs. This perhaps explains why the government led by Mario Monti, who is a famous “academic”, allows Italy to obtain a better level of trust.

Trust Abroad

Japan’s earthquake last March, and the subsequent nuclear disaster have undermined public trust. The government lost 26 points, the media 12, and the NGO’s 21 points. The energy industry has collapsed 46 points; the banks: 20. In contrast, China is now in first place in the world for overall trust (76%), and the only country to register a significant increase in trust the companies, from 61 to 71%.

Post translated by Sergio Veneziani of Edelman Milan.

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