Sunday 22 April 2018

Innovation: Permission To Fail

This post was originally published on David Armano’s blog Logic + Emotion.

I love my job. Seriously.

The skeptical among you may read this as shameless corporate cheer-leading, or a PR ploy (given I work at a PR firm). It’s not. You have to understand that I work for a very unique company—in fact, it’s been the most unique career experience in my life. A sixty year old company—technically family owned (not public) with over four thousand employees globally and the CEO of the company wears the last name of the founder, his father.

Which brings me to the video above. I had the opportunity to interview our CEO, Richard Edelman on the topic of trust as it relates to our annual study (Edelman’s Trust Barometer). We teamed up with the Chicago chapter of Social Media Club and opened up our new floor in the Chicago office.

If you don’t have time to watch the entire video (though I recommend it as it’s a great discussion) I’d encourage you to fast forward to the last five minutes. Richard says what every “employee” wants to hear. As a CEO, he believes that the top can do their part by cultivating a culture where failure is not shunned, but embraced as part of the innovation process.

“…that’s the one thing the top can do”


Image credit: ZeRo`SKiLL

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