Wednesday 21 March 2018

Edelman Melbourne Instagram Challenge

This post was originally published on the Edelman Australia Blog.

My colleague Alex Lefley recently said that if last year was all about the infographic this year is all about Instagram.

So we launched an Edelman Melbourne office instagram challenge – every week we’ll pick a different theme, go out and take pics relating to the theme and then post them up in the office.  Then we all get to vote on our favourites – the top three will go up on the Edelman blog for you to vote for.  Winner gets bragging rights.  And a thumbs up.

For our first week we picked “Melbourne laneways” as our theme.  This was the result:

39 pics capturing the magic that is Melbourne laneways.  Our top three based on office votes are:

  1. “The loneliness post Christmas”

    by Alex Lefley

  2. “In a basement in a lane…there is music”

    by Clare Gleghorn

  3. “Lunch time”

    by Emma Mikus

Make sure to vote for these pictures and more on the Edelman Australia blog.


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