Wednesday 21 March 2018

Edelman Melbourne Instagram challenge – winner + new theme

Our first Instagram challenge is complete!  Thanks so much to everybody for your votes – our winner is Emma Mikus with her pic “Lunch Time”.   She is stoked!


Our next theme is “Australia” – as with the previous challenge our office has voted for the top three:

“Breakfast” by Sarah Gardner

“Do not dive” by Lauren Fragapane

“Pav” by David Park

We’d love to hear if you have a favourite – to vote simply write the title of your winner in the comments section below.

Many thanks for stopping by!
-Michelle Scully

  • Alex Lefley

    Breakfast gets my vote

  • Amanda Koh

    Breakfast :)

  • Smithy


  • Michelle


  • Kate Ferguson

    Breakfast. Nothing says Australia like Vegemite.

  • Eunice Seow

    Pav :)

  • Grant Thomas

    Breakfast…no better way to start the day!

  • Emma Mikus

    Vegemite – delicious!

  • Catherine Miller

    I’m voting for happy little vegemites! “Breakfast” is my favourite too.

  • Sarah Gardner


  • Grant Smith

    Breakfast. Although pav for breakfast would have been a clear winner…

  • Adam


  • Anne


  • Jayde Lovell

    Breakfast!  Unless ‘Pav’ also changes title to ‘Breakfast’, then Pav.  ;-)