Thursday 26 April 2018

The Content Marketing Explosion {INFOGRAPHIC}

The other day I wrote a post (Leaders to Become More Social in 2012? Content Marketing to Gain Credibility), the second part of which was devoted to the predicted growth in Australia of content marketing.

Specifically, I wrote: 

2012 will be the year when marketers and PR professionals in Australia start talking seriously about – and embracing – the concept of content marketing.

The Rise of Content Marketing

The following infographic by BlueGlass Interactive charts the rise of content marketing and provides examples of those doing it right – Coca Cola,, American Express.

Interestingly, the top tactic used by content marketers is the production of articles (79%); B2B marketers (figures no doubt US-skewed) invest 26% of their total marketing budget on content, while 62% are outsourcing their content marketing, up 7% from last year.

Many of the statistics contained in the infographic below were sourced from this Content Marketing Institute (CMI) 2012 B2B Content Marketing Research Report.

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