Tuesday 24 April 2018

Edelman Trust Barometer – Introduction by Michelle Hutton Edelman Australia CEO

We launched our Australian Edelman Trust Barometer results in Sydney this morning and tomorrow morning we’ll do the same at an event in Melbourne.

Here’s a top-line of my introduction this morning that gave some context to the results – which you will find here on our blog.



Government and businesses in Australia are operating in a new paradigm – we’re seeing an unprecedented trust expectation gap in our latest survey that shows that both institutions are falling way short of meeting our expectations.

This is a lost opportunity.

Australians remain as skeptical as ever, and it’s getting harder for businesses and the government to communicate messages and to be heard.

Businesses are facing the new world of responsible capitalism – to be trusted; businesses need to do more than succeed commercially.

We don’t trust the CEO as a credible source of information about a business.

Aussies like their mates.  We are more likely to see “people like ourselves” as credible spokespeople. We’re definitely seeing a rise in peer to peer trust.

Interestingly we saw the largest increase in our trust scores in media. Up 11 %. But what we’re also seeing is that all media matters and now we have a far greater diversification of media sources.

In this survey we find that operational factors are responsible for giving businesses the licence to operate – but its societal and engagement factors and behaviours that give businesses the licence to lead.  Profit with purpose has never been more important – but ultimately businesses need to engage authentically and with transparency.

We see more and more that reputation is an analysis of past behavior and trust is an expectation of future behavior based on past performance.

To close the gap between trust expectations and perceived performance, never before has transparency about performance, frequency of that message and engagement with stakeholders been more important.

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