Tuesday 24 April 2018

Five New LinkedIn Features That Can Help You and Your Brand

Over the past year, LinkedIn has reached a number of milestones.  The popular professional networking site, which celebrated its eighth birthday, increased unique visitors by 63% from the previous year and is now the second most popular social network.  Additionally, LinkedIn began trading publicly and released many new features.  Below are the five new features LinkedIn has released over the past 12 months that are particularly useful for brands looking to connect with individuals on the platform.

  1. Company Follow

  2. The Company Follow feature allows members who choose to follow a company’s LinkedIn page to be the first to receive status updates, job openings, and business announcements.  As a brand, this feature provides a new way to reach your audience and, since following a company is something a member must choose to do, it will provide you with a highly valuable audience—people who WANT to know about your brand.

  3. Company Page Status Updates

  4. While the Company Follow provides businesses with the ability to share information, there was still no way for companies to directly engage with their followers.  As of October, LinkedIn now allows companies to post status updates.  Similar to Facebook, any member of LinkedIn is able to “like,” “comment,” and “share” a company’s update.  A few features to note are that while status updates are limited to 500 characters, they can support URLs and multimedia. Additionally, only those who are designated as an “administrator” will be able to post updates.

  5. “Volunteer Experience and Causes” Field on Your Profile

  6. It’s no secret that volunteering can provide individuals with a way to network, demonstrate skills they might not be able to in the workforce, and prove themselves as compassionate and ambitious, but new research from LinkedIn shows that volunteering can also directly correlate with landing a job or promotion.  According to LinkedIn, “one out of every five hiring managers in the U.S. agrees they have hired a candidate because of their volunteer work experience.”  As an employer, a candidate or employee’s volunteer work can help you to get to know about their passions and show a knack for dedication and ambition.  As a result, LinkedIn added a Volunteer Experience and Causes section of an individual’s profile to provide both candidates/employees and employers an opportunity to recognize the experiences they’ve had.

  7. LinkedIn Events

  8. In order to facilitate networking, LinkedIn also made some significant updates to LinkedIn Events.  By adding event recommendations to the Events Home—aggregating events organized by people in your network to the Network Update stream, and an updated events search—members will now be able to discover relevant and interesting events and attendees.   Additionally, LinkedIn added a feature titled “Attendees You May Want to Meet” that provides insights into networking opportunities and allows members to search for other attendees by industry and company filter attendees.

  9. Group Statistics Dashboard

  10. The new Group Statistics Dashboard released by LinkedIn in November is, in my opinion, one of the best updates to LinkedIn.  Not only is the dashboard incredibly helpful to community managers, but it can also help an individual decide which groups are best for them professionally.  Broken down into three sections—demographics, growth, and activity—the new Group Statistic Dashboard shows both companies and individuals exactly who is in the group, the growth of the group over time, and the level of activity in the group.  By breaking down these features, an individual can decide whether or not a group is right for them and a company is able to create content that is more engaging for the audience in the group.

While LinkedIn continues to evolve, the new features added over the past year have been significant.  So go ahead and take a look at what LinkedIn has to offer, and let us know which features have been helpful for you or your company!

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