Wednesday 25 April 2018

Edelman Digital Hosts Twitter #EdelChat with David Armano

“Be true to your work and your work will be true to you,” Edelman Digital strategist David Armano tweeted.

In a December 19 Twitter conversation with Helen Tobin, a public relations student from the University of Southern California, David shared the motto of his alma mater, Pratt Institute, as the best career advice he ever received. He also answered Helen’s questions about maintaining online privacy, the impact of Klout scores, job searching in a challenging market, and the future of social media and digital integration.

Helen won the opportunity to chat with David through a recent sweepstakes hosted by the Los Angeles office via their Twitter channel, @EdelmanLA. Over the last several months, the LA office hosted three sweepstakes where entrants could win a chat with an influential Edelman employee. In the third installment, Helen tweeted with the hashtag #EdelLASweeps and won the chance to ask David Armano about the latest news and trends in social media during a 30-minute Twitter chat.

Here is a snippet from their conversation:


Read the full transcript here.

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