Thursday 26 April 2018

Smart Gift Giving Applications to the Rescue

  1. Fifteen Is the Magic Number:
  2. 15gifts is a seven-step gift-giving site that allows you to plug in the “type” of person you are shopping for. You enter male, female or couple, the name and the age range of the person. Next up, you select from several options including their relationship to you, the occasion, and “what makes them happy”. Two optional questions are next: “What is the style of their home?” and “What does this person normally wear?” and lastly, you enter your price range. Simple!
    The 15gifts site imports the information you submit and offers fifteen suggestions with a link to a point of purchase. The site collects gift ideas from what “types” of people want to purchase and provides shoppers with gift ideas to guide their purchasing decision quickly and creatively. As an added convenience,  you can save your friend’s name and preferences to pull up new gift ideas next time you need to shop!

  3. Shop for Your Friends on : Shopycat
  4. Shopycat is an automated gift-giving Facebook app created by WalmartLabs through Walmart’s* acquisition of Kosmix. Shopychat leverages Facebook’s social graph to find the perfect gift and enhance the social shopping experience. Facebook users can pull Likes, shares and interests from their Facebook friends to create gift recommendations. Like most of the apps discussed in this post, Shopycat personalizes gift. If your little brother lists “soccer” as an interest on Facebook, gifts like a sports trivia game or season tickets might be recommended. The app specifically chooses “giftable” items, rather than  just based on what your Facebook friends have listed as an interest.

    Users aren’t just directed to Walmart products, but instead to retailers including Barnes and Noble, RedEnvelope and ThinkGeek. Note: Shopycat is only available on your desktop Facebook; not through your mobile device quite yet.

  5. Good Things Come in Small Packages:
  6. Month-old self-funded startup, Givvy is another social gift-giving application recently launched by two friends. Givvy combines aspects of Shopycat and 15gifts evaluation process. Rather than offer gift selections based on a specific Facebook friend (similar to Shopycat), the app provides recommendations based on “type” of person discovered through a series of questions, a process similar to the model used by 15gifts). In addition to these questions and formulas, Givvy adds an interactive element. The app operates like a Facebook sub-community that pinpoints specific users and influencers and gift-idea curators. These influencers create gift lists and ideas online. The Givvy team translates the ideas, turning URLs into product pages within the app.

    According to a CNet article, “the foundation of Givvy is social commerce, which happens when online social networks mix with e-commerce transactions. The most popular examples of social commerce are shopping communities like Etsy, group buying models like Groupon, and retail storefronts on Facebook, known as F-Commerce.

  7. Finding Recommendations That Fit You: Hunch
  8. Okay, let’s be honest: while doing holiday shopping, it’s important to get a little gift for yourself too! But what if you don’t even know what YOU want? Hunch is your solution. Hunch is a recommendation site that pulls your interests into Taste Graphs based on your Facebook and/or Twitter profiles, as well as your answers to a fun questionnaire. You can answer these questions based on yourself, or someone else you are shopping for. Hunch’s advantage is the use of algorithms to aid in decision-making. Sites like have partnered with the application and recently found that its conversion rate (the number of shoppers who turn into buyers) is as much as 60% higher than it was before they started using Hunch.
    The company, recently acquired by eBay**, shares their taste graphs on a range of topics; from “what Ivy League School is Right for You?” to the average Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo or AOL user and everything in between. The tool provides allows you to rate their recommendations; which in turn strengthens their Taste Graph system.

  9. “Bee” Generous this Holiday Season: Present Bee
  10. Present Bee is a gift-giving application that allows YOU to suggest gifts that you think your friends would like. Currently in public beta, this smart app is the brainchild of seven Northwestern students. Present Bee users have “Buzzlists” where their friends discuss gifts for that person. Here’s the fun part: you can’t view your own Buzzlist! Your online friends are the ones who are recommending gifts for you in order to help other friends purchase gifts for you. Although in public beta; a Facebook login is all you need.

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