Tuesday 24 April 2018

Four Books to Keep Your Mind Fertile Over the Christmas Break

Efs_3dIt’s that time of the year again folks when the PR Warrior selects a handful of books that, if read over the Christmas break, will knock your marketing/PR/social media knowledge out of the park!

Okay, maybe that’s an oversell. But you will emerge from 2011 all the wiser for the experience.

The books I’ve selected look at marketing and PR in the context of today’s super-connected and highly fluid marketplace, where anyone with an internet connection and a point of view can become an important influencer in their own right.

The four books I cover in this video are:

  1. No Bullshit Social Media – Erik Deckers Jason Falls
  2. The New Relationship Marketing – Mari Smith
  3. The End of Business as Usual – Brian Solis
  4. Engagement From Scratch – Danny Iny

In a nutshell:

  • No Bullshit Social Media – pragmatic, to the point, business-oriented, practical information.
  • The New Relationship Marketing – jam-packed with helpful hints, soft skills for today’s marketing and business professional – share the love! (Download a FREE sample chapter here).
  • The End of Business as Usual – must-read for PR folk, bigger picture ideas and concepts (check out my interview with Brian here).
  • Engagement From Scratch – multiple views, stories and ideas from a broad sweep of smart thought-leaders in the social media and new marketing space.

Notable mentions from2011 (not in video):


Trevor with jason falls

* Author Jason Falls comes face-to-face with the PR Warrior.

Article source: http://prwarrior.typepad.com/my_weblog/2011/12/four-books-that-will-keep-your-mind-fertile-over-the-xmas-break.html