Tuesday 24 April 2018

Expert Perspectives On Social Business

Originally published on Britopian.com

It’s not just Sandy Carter from IBM leading the social business charge. It’s IBM, as an organization – their employees globally sharing, collaborating and communicating the importance of social business transformation.

In the following video, Ofer Guetta of IBM says that “innovation is one of the primary benefits of a social business. It’s about bringing people into that conversation around concepts like new business process or how to improve a product or design.” John Mell, also from IBM continues … “the more organizations can get innovative ideas from the entire workforce rather than just a specific silo’d departments and also there extended customers and partners as well, those organizations will have the better ideas, get them to market more quickly and outperform their competitors.”

Good lessons for all business. It’s more than just communicating the importance of social business. It’s about changing behavior, living it and sharing best practices along the way.

Image credit: PULSE Media Strategies

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