Saturday 24 February 2018

Spotify Apps and Partnerships

Billboard – Spotify provides music from the Billboard charts

Fuse – A combination of news and themed playlists

The Guardian – News and reviews – Music recommendations based on your scrobbles

Moodagent – How do you feel today? Pick a genre to match your mood

Pitchfork – Playlist curation based on’s impeccable taste

Rolling Stone – Tracks recommended by the world’s biggest music magazine

Songkick – Finds gigs in your area based on your playlists

Soundrop – Share your playlists with your friends

Tunewiki – Spotify locates and displays the lyrics for the you’re playing (Spotify karaoke!)

We Are Hunted – The best new songs from the brilliant new bands blog

Socializing the Music Experience

Spotify Apps, despite being in it’s infancy, present us with an interesting new use of Spotify, socialising the music experience further than just sharing what you’re listening to on Facebook.

I’m genuinely excited by this development. Despite the relative simplicity of the apps on offer so far, there is great potential for content providers, curators and brands.

These applications present brands with a better way to reach consumers than the standard playlist or advert. For example, integration with’s app could allow you to create a bespoke playlist as a consumer browses your website or Facebook Page.

We’ve seen how apps can evolve a platform experience, look at Foursquare’s ecosystem for example, and by keeping the apps integrated within the Spotify platform, the Swedish company will be able to exercise a little control over what is produced, ensuring that a certain level of quality is maintained.

Have you tried out the new apps yet? What do you think of them and the offering itself?

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