Thursday 26 April 2018

New York’s Holstee Puts its Marketing Dollars Where Its Heart is

New York lifestyle brand Holstee is all about living a life “full of intention, creativity, passion, and community”.

Cleverly, it directs its marketing dollars towards underpinning this philosophy.

The brand, established by brothers Mike and Dave Radparvar, recently released online a video (below) that reinforces the values it espouses in its much-read Holstee Manifesto

(QUESTION WITHOUT NOTICE: Does your brand have a manifesto?).

In the video below, the Radparvar brothers discuss how they got started and the philosophy that drives them personally as well as their brand (original story here). It’s a good yarn.

The concept of ‘celebratory marketing’ can be quite powerful in the right hands. This is where brands create and distribute multimedia content that celebrates a higher purpose than just flogging products or services.

Hat-tip Aylin Ahmet

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