Saturday 24 February 2018

Wayfarers: Leading the Change to Social Business

Vice President of Social Strategy at Radian6, Amber Naslund, was a keynote speaker at the recent BlogWorld LA 2011.

Rather than speak on blogging or social media specifically, Amber took a big picture view of the seismic change that is occurring as a result of the emergence of new media technologies and the social web.

Introducing the Wayfarer

This change, which represents one of the biggest shifts in a generation, has unearthed a new breed of individual Amber refers to as ‘wayfarers’.

Wayfarers are at the forefront of the change to social business.

In this video interview with WebProNews, Amber says “…we’re on the leading edge of an incredibly revolutionary time in business, in communications … in the way information flows, so to me being a wayfarer is about leading that change.”

She says wayfarers have an incredible opportunity “… and I think a really big responsibility” to usher this era into its own.

Are you up for the challenge of being a wayfarer? 

P.S. if you want to check out Amber’s full keynote presentation at BlogWorld, click here (scroll down).

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