Wednesday 25 April 2018

The Academic and Professional Benefits of an Internship

As my internship at Edelman comes to a close, I can confidently say it has been the most valuable experience of university life. Aside from the obvious perks that students dream of, such as attending launch parties and mingling with celebrities, the internship program has bridged the gap between the theoretical aspects of university and the practical world of PR. Although the UTS PR course is more practical than most, there is so much that university does not teach you – lessons that can only be learnt through professional placement.

The good old press release is a prime example. At university we are given countless opportunities to devise media relations campaigns and write press releases – all under the assumption that sending a release guarantees coverage. Unfortunately, as every seasoned PR professional would know, this is not the case. It requires hours of message development, researching relevant journalists and publications and carefully crafting the timing of delivery – all after which coverage is still not guaranteed. The internship at Edelman has also enabled me to develop an understanding of the corporate business environment, drawing important lessons in professional client engagement and effectively juggling multiple projects to satisfy client expectations. Again, this is something that falls outside the realm of a three year degree. For a student to graduate having already acquired these skills, greatly distinguishes them from the sea of other talented students vying for those few graduate positions.

Of course these are benefits universal to any internship program, but after completing numerous placements at other agencies it is clear that Edelman is at the forefront of the industry and is the perfect place for any aspiring PR junior. What makes Edelman the perfect training ground for a communications student is the company’s commitment to the professional development of its staff. In my time at Edelman I have undertaken two major training courses in Public Engagement and Social Media while also being involved in a number of insightful workshops on topics such as mastering the art of telephone pitching. As a multi-national firm, Edelman also offers the opportunity to network with executives from all across the globe. In my eight months at the agency I have already met and taken some valuable lessons from several directors and CEOs based in Europe and the US.

Aside from looking great on your resume and greatly enhancing your employment prospects, Edelman offers a fun, dynamic culture like nowhere else. I feel privileged to have worked with such intelligent, driven and friendly individuals and am extremely grateful that I have been able to kick-start my career with such a distinguished and supportive agency. Here’s hoping for a long and prosperous career in PR – and with Edelman!


If you’d like a chance at this opportunity, head to this link to find out how to apply for the 2012 Paid Internship Program.

- Emma