Wednesday 25 April 2018

Why I applied for a PAID internship at Edelman

It’s hard to believe that Emma (a fellow intern) and I have been at Edelman for over seven months now, particularly when looking back at the amazing opportunities and experiences we have had along the way. We have worked alongside some incredibly talented PR professionals, some of whom we are able to call our friends, we’ve been involved with a number of interesting and innovative clients like Samsung, EBay and LinkedIn and learnt how public relations truly operates in Australia and around the world. But if someone had of told me I would have had all this seven months ago, I would have thought they were joking because it’s just another internship right?

I remember seeing the advertisement for the Edelman internship on the UTS careers website just after I had started my last year at university, and I remember thinking fat chance I will get this. Firstly, it was a PAID internship. After working two years at an IGA and doing countless unpaid internships, I had been dreaming about the day when I would be able to combine the two together, a dream I shared with every undergraduate communications student trying to beef out their CV while attempting to maintain a ‘liveable’ weekly income. And to top it off, it was with an internationally recognised and highly praised PR organisation with offices all around the world including New York, Paris, London and Tokyo. This was just too good to be true, but I was going to try anyway. If you are a confident, outgoing and motivated person than this internship is built for you, at least that was how I went into the interview anyway and I think that is what got me the internship. With the right attitude anything is possible. Just keep telling yourself, they want me as much as I want them.

Thankfully for me they did and on the 11th of April I begun an internship program that was not only going to look great on my CV but would also enhance my final year at university in a major way.

One of my biggest fears when starting a new job has always been what will the people there be like? How ‘clicky’ will they be? Will they like new people? And how big an age difference will there be? So of course as I stood in the elevator heading up to the office on my first day, all these questions were gnawing away at me. I had never felt so nervous! However, all those anxieties and fears quickly vanished once I was introduced to the Edelman team.

For the Edelman office isn’t like your normal corporate office, it’s like a big family home except with boardrooms and team pods instead of bedrooms and living spaces. Like every good family we all gather around the kitchen table on a Monday morning or Friday afternoon, work hard in order to support each other and still find time to have fun together outside of the normal office hours. Outside of the usual working day we have had a number of large social events including a welcome function, an end of financial year party, a Melbourne cup luncheon, countless Friday night drinks and a day in the City2Surf. And while you work hard to get to enjoy these events, Edelman has shown me that the corporate world can be as much fun as a night in the city (which sometimes it may be).

That is because the Edelman culture is built around its employees, by creating work environment that is based on respect, hard work and friendship, something that I never saw in any of my other internships. There is something humbling about working in a team of highly respected PR professionals who not only know your name but who support and encourage you like a good friend would. It makes you want to come to work every morning, regardless of how busy you know you are going to be because you just enjoy being involved. While I never found juggling university study and work hard, I did find myself wishing I was at work on my two days off a week! However, that is a sign that you know you love what you are doing, and that is how I know I love Edelman.


If you’d like a chance at this opportunity, head to this link to find out how to apply for the 2012 Paid Internship Program.


- Ethan