Thursday 22 February 2018

Technology, Data and Fire: Three Video Perspectives on Social Business

Originally posted on genConnect.

A few of our Edelman employees were recent guests at this year’s Blog World conference. Check out wrap-up videos from the event below featuring Michael Brito, Chuck Hemann, and David Armano.

Michael Brito: ‘Technology doesn’t really matter’

“My opinion is that technology doesn’t really matter,” Brito told genConnect in the interview below. “Being social and having conversations like you and I is in our DNA and it’s been in our DNA since the beginning of time. So whatever technology platforms come and go it doesn’t matter. Now brands need to think ahead and they need to realize what’s coming down the pipe like Google Plus, and be prepared to scale, but at the end of the day it’s a conversation between two people.”

Chuck Hemann: Why Data Matters

“If the blogger has a plan to eventually work with brands, it’s really important they have data at their fingertips to tell the brand, or tell the agency working with the brand, how their posts perform. Whether it’s total visits or unique visits or inbound links to their blog or comments, whatever it is, they need to be capturing that because brands and agencies will ask.”

David Armano: Add Fuel to the Digital Media Fire

“It’s really listening. It’s finding out who is willing to be your voice. Then it’s figuring out how to help amplify those efforts. What you want to do is you want to look at it as a fire and figure out how to stoke that fire,” David tells genConnect in the video interview above.

Starbucks* created the bracelets David is seen wearing in the video as part of the Let’s Create Jobs for USA campaign to help small businesses succeed. The bracelets were made available starting November 1 for a $5 donation. Join the conversation on Twitter, courtesy of the hashtag, #indivisible, that David created.

*Starbucks is an Edelman client.

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