Thursday 26 April 2018

Publicity Stunt is a Load of Ol’ Croc

In this age of digitised communications and ‘authentic conversations with your community of followers’, it’s refreshing to see there is still room for a good old-fashioned media publicity stunt.

Case in point:

Today the news media were all over a story about how President Barack Obama had been insured against crocodile attack for his visit to Australia’s Northern Territory.

According to the Herald Sun, insurance company TIO issued Obama the standard policy – a cover note carrying a photograph of a saltwater croc with the promise to pay $50,000 in the event of a fatal attack.

Chief executive Richard Harding was reported as saying the insurance policy had been framed and would be presented to the President during his visit to Darwin on Thursday.

He said the policy was a “unique product for a unique environment”.  Great messaging that!

The Northern Territory News quoted Harding: ”We’re excited to be issuing one of these policies for President Obama as a memento of his time in the Territory.”

And now the kicker (in case anyone thinks President Obama actually requested the croc insurance!):

TIO has been selling the $10 cover for 23 years – but President Obama will get his for free.  Of course he will – more great messaging :)

Great opportunistic stunt that cost virtually nothing (unless the Prez gets savaged by a crazed crocodile) except for possibly getting a press release drafted and issued on the wires. 

Yet TIO has managed to get itself mentioned in over 100 articles, not to mention all the chatter on radio and throughout social media channels.

Goes to show – sometimes the simplest ideas are often the best when it comes to getting people talking about your brand.

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