Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Danger of Keeping the Obvious to Yourself

I’m going to clue you into one of the secrets of coming up with awesome new ideas that can change the game and knock out everyone around you.

State the obvious.

Just because it’s obvious to you doesn’t mean it is for everyone else. And if someone else is thinking the same thing, when you say it first you get to guide the discussion as the two of you collaborate.

I’ve seen people stay silent too many times about something because they think everyone in the room must already be thinking the same thing, or has considered the same options. But that simply isn’t true! We all have a unique talents and insights, and even if you work on a team or in an industry that, ahem, reads much of the same media or relies on many of the same studies when it comes to information gathering, your take on it can be the one that leads to new and more rewarding advances.

Don’t be constrained by what you think should be done; voice your opinion on what could be done. Move the conversation forward instead of waiting for someone else to start it.

You can’t be ahead of the conversation if you’re not a part of the conversation.

Photo credit: Jim Kopeny

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