Thursday 22 February 2018

Friday Five: Social Networks with Time-Saving Keyboard Shortcuts

Ever work with someone who’s like a firecracker on a keyboard?

If you’re interested in flexing your “work smarter, not harder” muscle, try these social keyboard shortcuts on for size. Keyboard shortcuts (also called “hotkeys”) take out the mouse-moving for you – they jump to buttons, actions, or adjustments with the press of one or more keys. Memorizing keyboard shortcuts takes time and practice, but becoming a keyboard ninja will pay off when you find yourself saving a few seconds each day. Plenty of web applications come with keyboard shortcuts, but here are a few that stand out.

1. Twitter:

When “new” Twitter launched in September 2010, it came packaged with nifty new keyboard shortcuts.

  • F – Favorite a highlighted tweet
  • R – Reply to a highlighted tweet
  • T – Retweet a highlighted tweet
  • M – Send a direct message
  • N – Compose a new tweet
  • G + H – Go to Home screen
  • G + R – Go to Replies screen
  • G + P – Go to your profile
  • G + F – Go to your favorites
  • G + M – Go to your direct messages
  • G + U – Search for a user’s timeline
  • J and K – Scroll down and up a Twitter stream
  • / – Go to Search box

Can’t remember them all? Just hit “?” on your keyboard for a cheat sheet.

2. Google Plus:

Google Plus came complete with shortcuts when it launched in August 2011. They’re surprisingly similar to Twitter and allow for quick and easy navigation around Google’s social network.

  • J and K – Scroll down and up a stream
  • Space bar – Scroll down a stream
  • Shift + Space bar – Scroll up a stream
  • Enter (when a post is highlighted) – Comment on a post
  • Tab + Enter – Post comment
  • Tab – Toggles through links on a post
3. YouTube

YouTube shortcuts come in handy for jumping around different parts of any YouTube video with ease. They’re especially useful when giving a presentation or watching a longer video that may need to be paused from time to time. To ensure that YouTube shortcuts work properly, be sure to click on the video player first.

  • Tab – Toggle between play, volume, resolution, and expand
  • Space – Play/Pause
  • Right Arrow – Fast forward
  • Left Arrow – Rewind
  • Up/Down Arrows – Adjust volume
  • Numbers 0 to 9 – Jump to 0% – 90% of the video
4. Flickr:

To help users learn shortcuts and navigate through photos more easily, Flickr added a keyboard shortcut guide to their six billion-photo social network in August 2011. To view a full list of Flickr keyboard shortcuts, just type “?” from any Flickr page.

  • C – Jump to comment box
  • F – Favorite a photo
  • G – Add to a group
  • A – Add to a gallery
  • S – Jump to the search field
  • L – View photo in a light box
  • Right arrow – Next photo
  • Left arrow – Previous photo
5. Facebook:

Facebook’s keyboard shortcuts are slightly more complicated and vary among browsers and operating systems. The examples below work using Windows with Internet Explorer or Chrome. You may need to adjust your shortcut depending on your operating system and browser. On Firefox and Windows, begin the shortcut with Shift + ALT; on OSX and Firefox, begin the shortcut with Ctrl + Option; and on OSX and other browsers, begin with Option + Ctrl.

  • ALT + M – Compose Message
  • ALT + ? – Jump to search bar
  • ALT + 6 – Account Settings
  • ALT + 7 – Privacy Settings
  • ALT + 8 – Jump to Facebook’s Facebook page
  • ALT + 9 – Jump to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities
  • ALT + 0 – Help Center

There are countless web and desktop applications that have enabled keyboard shortcuts for your time-saving convenience. A simple web search or visit to the help menu (usually accessible by pressing “F1”) will help you find the shortcuts you need. If you want these shortcuts to become second nature to you, simply follow these steps: print out a list of hotkeys, post them near your keyboard, and regularly remind yourself to use them. You’ll be a keyboard ninja in no time!

What are your favorite keyboard shortcuts for navigating the web?

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