Sunday 22 April 2018

One Dollar Day


Last Thursday was One Dollar Day, a chance for everyone in Australia to give one dollar to children overseas who can’t afford to feed, clothe and educate themselves, let alone pay for medical care.

The concept is simple: every little bit counts. If everybody gives just one dollar, our combined efforts will result in a significant amount.

We stumbled upon One Dollar Day on PlanBig, an online community where anyone with a big idea can garner the support and advice they need to make it happen in the real world.

Although the initiative kicked off just this year in Australia, with PayPal’s, support and the power of social media, it took the country by storm and looks set to expand internationally next year.

We were inspired. We started our own plan on PlanBig and Edelman’s Melbourne and Sydney offices put on a morning tea to put the One Dollar Day theory to the test. Some put in one dollar, others put in more and Edelman Australia donated an additional dollar per person who donated. The total amount raised? $177.00! That’s a significant amount to a child living on the poverty line in a third world country.

If you’re only just hearing about One Dollar Day now and want get involved, it’s not too late – visit

Catherine Miller


Disclosure: PlanBig and Paypal are clients of Edelman Australia