Thursday 26 April 2018

Irish Facebook Statistics

Like most other markets in Europe, Facebook dominates the Irish online landscape and has gone from strength to strength in recent years. We recently created an infographic to highlight some of the key trends and to illustrate the success of brands in connecting with audiences. Bebo used to be the dominant social media player, but in a short space of time they were quickly usurped by Facebook. In two years, Facebook user-base has spiked from just over 130,000 in October 2007, to over two million last month. That represents 44% of the Irish population. The demographic breakdown illustrates just how much the social network has taken root in Irish society. There are approximately 590,000 users aged over 35 that use Facebook, which just goes to show that you are as likely to be connected with your best friend as you are with one of your parents. It is also no surprise to note that the user-base density in terms of location corresponds with where most of the population resides and where broadband penetration is strongest.

Marketers have realized the opportunity that exists for brands and are investing in developing communities on Facebook. It is also quite common now to see above the line advertising incorporate a brand’s Facebook presence rather than their official website. There is strong cut-through by alcohol brands in the top ten most popular Irish Facebook pages, but it also good to see brands with a strong cultural relevance such as Penney’s, a local Irish clothing retailer, perform strongly in terms of popularity. Organizations like Tourism Ireland can also be proud of the number of people they have attracted to their page, as the tourism sector is a key industry the Irish Government has identified to boost the Irish economy. The organization has invested heavily in terms of promoting the country online and they are now gaining traction with potential tourists.



While the growth of Facebook will inevitably slow in Ireland, we are likely to see brands continue to ramp up their activity on the social network as we witness a continued shift to through the line campaigns where digital sits at the heart of a 24/7 conversation with consumers.

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