Tuesday 24 April 2018

Friday Five: An Interest-based Check-in Revolution

In the past, you just watched TV. Now, when you watch TV at the same time as others you can share in the experience. Enjoying a beverage with some friends after work? Now you can share your plans with the world, and invite others to imbibe alongside you.

Some platforms, like Foursquare – a location-based social networking app are well known, but a new crop of tools is emerging and each comes with its own personality and opportunities. This week’s Friday Five gives you a run-down of some ways to connect by checking in to your interests.

1. Untappd

As a budding beer connoisseur, sometimes you need a help keeping track of your samples to know what you like against what you don’t and to compare tastes with your community. Welcome Untappd – a Web-based application which allows users to explore the world of beer through the eyes of their friends’ favorite pubs and brews (and even earn badges along the way). The app lets you track what you’re drinking, where you’re drinking it and what you think of it. It’s the evolution of drinking socially. Earning the “Here Comes the Brew” badge was a particularly memorable moment when I checked in to the beer I was drinking with my cousin on his wedding day.

2. GetGlue

Have you noticed your Twitter stream blow up whenever the latest episode of True Blood comes on? That’s because in August alone, GetGlue stats show that True Blood alone received 490,787 check-ins. GetGlue lets users check-in and share what they’re listening, watching or reading with their friends. Gather stickers like “Night Owl” for checking-in to a TV show, movie or book after 3 am. No, not just virtual stickers, but REAL stickers you can stick anywhere. According to the tweet stream of ABC World News, exclusive stickers are now offered for when you tune in (like you’d need another excuse to get sent this sticker). Last year Mashable named GetGlue one of the 6 Promising New Companies of 2010 and with a record of 11.7M check-ins in August, they’re well on their way.

3. Foodspotting

Did you ever find that perfect dish and wish there was a way to record it? Foodspotting has you covered. One person told me “I use it because I like discovering great new places to eat. I love it because of the people on there and what they share.” It’s a visual guide to good food and where to find it. Instead of reviewing restaurants, you can find and share where to locate your favorite dishes using photos. So, next time I’m gobbling up the best meal in the district, I’ll be sure to have a fork in my left hand and a camera in my right (so you can see which menu item it is). In the words of my favorite chef, Paula Deen, “Love and Best Dishes, y’all!”

4. CarZar

CarZar lets automotive enthusiasts spot, share photos, tag locations and comment on cars around the world. Unveiled at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, CarZar set out to make it easy for consumers “to share their passion for cars.” Earn points toward becoming the CarZar of your favorite make or model. The next time you spot a DeLorean DMC-12, you’re in luck (and not just because they stopped making this model almost 30 years ago) but because you can earn the coveted “Back to the Future” badge. Maybe this app will help me decided what my next car purchase should be.


SCVNGR truly brings your world online. By adding an element of gamification: complete a challenge and unlock a real-life reward, SCVNGR adds excitement to your everyday life. There are probably a million ways to use SCVNGR but if you’re looking for inspiration, check out this video from the Chief Ninja (founder), Seth Priebatsh. Universities and Schools Specialist for SCVNGR, Jeff Kirchick, outlines a use case for a college orientation program. Can you imagine hundreds of freshman running around campus competing to finish the game (whatever it may be)?

You can’t convince everyone to check-in but once an individual/brand/organization decides what the value of a check-in means for them, the sky is the limit. Teach people to check-in then harness the “all powerful” data they create.

What’s your favorite check-in app that lets you connect with people of similar interests?

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