Thursday 26 April 2018

Health Digital Check-Up: Health Comes Back to SXSW

Is it that time of the year already!?

It was just a few short months ago that more than forty Edelman team members returned from South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive 2011 where they had the opportunity to meet, listen, and present to everyone from fellow public relations professionals and advertisers to gamers, developers, psychologists and user-interface designers.

Specific to health, members of the Edelman Digital health community interacted with physicians, hospital administrators, patients and marketers, and provided their thoughts on key learnings and trends coming out of the conference. Edelman also sponsored the “Social Health Kickoff” reception on the first day and brought together a panel of experts on “Health: Is There Really an App for That?” which had people lining outside the door to get in.

While SXSW 2012 may still seem a ways away, the voting process for next year’s panels has already begun and numerous Edelman digital health members have submitted their proposals via the SXSW PanelPicker for consideration.

As part of eleven panel submissions from Edelman, health will be front and center in three panels organized by Emily Hackel, Gigi Peterkin and Shwen Gwee.

You can also learn more about all of Edelman’s proposed panels by checking out the SXSW PanelPicker. Please note that voting ends on Friday, September 2nd so take a look and select your favorites.

This Health Digital Check-up contains some of the team’s top insights and programmatic considerations.

How STDs Can Be Good For Your Health

Moderator: Emily Hackel Panelists: Deven McGraw, Mark Dredze, Anmol Madan and David Hale

We’ll let you in on a secret: Socially Transmitted Data (STDs) are good for your health. Updating Twitter, searching for information on Google, texting your friends, and carrying your mobile phone – these activities may hold the key to preventing your next cold or knowing when flu will be keeping the kids at home so you can get them Echinacea and call the sitter in time. In this panel, we’ll discuss how the data you leave in your wake, every day, holds within it vast opportunity to predict and even improve personal and public health; and we’ll delve into some of the latest research and tools that are helping uncover what’s possible.

Designing Positive Daily Addictions

Moderator: Gigi Peterkin Panelists: David Rose, Raja Rajamannar, Christine Robbins and Kendra Markle

There’s no secret behind what makes for healthy living. Don’t smoke, eat right, and get some exercise to start. The problem is, being healthy feels a lot like work. So our core question: How can we make healthy behavior as seductive as a kiss or as addicting as a bag of potato chips? Once you go in for one, you can’t stop. This panel will shed light on what’s working – and what’s not – when it comes to using interactive tools to turn good health habits into actions people crave.

Socially Regulated: We’ve Got Your Regs Right Here

Moderator: Shwen Gwee Panelists: Shannon Paul and Marc Monseau

Following on the success of the 2011 “Socially Regulated” session, three pioneers of social media return to SXSW to discuss issues surrounding the execution of social media programs in regulated industries. If you work in a highly conservative corporate culture or if you’re asking yourself whether it’s possible for YOUR regulated company to participate in social media with the ever-changing and rapid emergence of new tools/services (e.g. Google+), as well as new rules (e.g. Facebook “open commenting”) on social media platforms, then this panel is for you!

On the Pulse of Emerging Health

Whether you plan on attending SXSW 2012 or not, the PanelPicker showcases what some of the most innovative minds and key influencers in the digital and health spaces are talking about. With attendees ranging from gamers and developers to physicians and hospital administrators, SXSW offers a window to emerging trends and news coming out of the conference is a key source to help stay knowledgeable about new and emerging opportunities.

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