Tuesday 20 February 2018

Friday Five: Evolution of the Newsroom

Companies and organizations want to share their side of the story directly to influencers and customers. Many are seizing this opportunity with an online newsroom. Traditionally, online newsrooms were catered to media with press kits, but now, they seek to engage other stakeholders—such as analysts, investors, consumers and even employees—with dynamic content that is news-driven and shareable.

As Sparksheet’s Toby Murdock points out, “The efficient digital HuffPo/Gawker model is moving from web pioneers to traditional media publishers and even brands—who are applying it to their content marketing efforts (see American Express’ OPEN Forum or Amazon’s Backstory).” Moreover, 28% of working journalists visit a corporate online newsroom once a week (PDF), with 25% indicating they visit every day.

Below are five tips to consider before participating in an online newsroom.

1. Think one story, many formats.

How do your stakeholders—be they influencers or customers—prefer to consume news and information? Content comes in a variety of forms. Play to the preferences of those you’re engaging with. For example, a customer may prefer to watch a filmed QA, but a blogger might prefer to download the interview transcript for easy repurposing.

2. Make content immediately findable.

When your stakeholders say “Marco?” do you instantly answer with “Polo!”? No matter which platform or kind of content you choose, it must be search enabled. Deploy a search audit to better understand the landscape in which your content will play. Identify keywords and use them to optimize copy, audio, images and videos.

3. Plan to sleep when you’re dead.

Just kidding—kind of. Strive to deliver what some say can’t be done: content that’s fast, versatile and good. The best content marketers opportunistically capture/share content (fast), wear multiple hats (versatile) and don’t compromise the quality of a (good) story.

4. Build relationships across your company.

Help the newsroom become reliable as THE place to go for news about the company and its products/services. This means being in touch with all facets of the company—a reporter with a very diverse beat, if you will. With the opportunity to share it first, consider your stakeholders—including internal ones—and share it well.

5. Be realistic about resources.

Content must be fresh, and recognizing your available resources (are you a one-man-band or international team of many?) may help you decide whether a full-flexing website or quick turn micro-blogging platform, such as Tumblr, is most feasible for consistently refreshing content.


What are some of your tips for creating an efficient and useful corporate newsroom?


Image credit: igorschwarzmann

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