Tuesday 24 April 2018

Friday Five: Creating Video Content as a Valuable Asset

Video content is used in integrated marketing programs to tell a story, visually inspire, reach diverse audiences and be a shareable, network-friendly asset. As more brands leverage online platforms and communities, creating video content is an integral and attainable tactic to reach goals. This week’s Friday5 highlights five trends in video content creation.

1. Create audience-relevant videos for long-term creative assets and sustainable programming.

As a skate shoe brand, video is second nature to DC’s audience. Skating videos have inspired legions of youth in this now-mainstream culture, and the brand has expanded beyond shoes to be a lifestyle outfitter. One of the brand’s videos with Ken Block came out in 2009 and has 27 million views; another has 33 million views. Now, in 2011, the DC Shoes infomercial series continues to garner millions views with clips like The Music Video Infomercial (feat. The Cool Kids). Visuals of athletes drifting, skateboarding, and snowboarding (and more) has helped DC Shoes’ YouTube channel reach over 110 million total upload views. Not too shabby for a shoe brand.

2. Extending the content experience into multimedia allows for richer engagement and information sharing without geographic barriers.

Whether exploring how Water Changes Everything to help visitors understand the global water crisis to highlighting each month’s campaign, video is inherent to charity: water’s development strategy online. charity: water, a non-profit that brings clean and safe drinking water to people in developing nations, also uses live-streaming to share water well drilling in the developing world with interested stakeholders. The charity uses video to make a global effort for clean water in developing nations accessible to potential donors around the world.

3. Consider the benefits of adding interactivity to videos if quality engagement is the overall goal of the program.

When it comes to video, interactive options exist, however brands haven’t always used the options to their full capacity. Chad, Matt and Rob have achieved minor Internet celebrity with their quirky use of the “Click Your Own Adventure” style of YouTube video. Mashable shared others in its article, “10 Incredible Interactive YouTube Videos.” Snapple’s use of hidden hyperlinks is a fun way to keep the viewers attention longer and more engaged with the video.

4. Measure the success of video content to further optimize in the future.

Once you’ve created an online video, consider success metrics. eMarketer’s article, “Options for Online Video Ad Viewers Lead to Greater Engagement,” can help a team understand ad buying metrics for online video, but this can also help marketers understand their own video’s metrics. Edelman Digital’s Greg Lipman wrote an article recently, “Is SCO the new SEO?“, exploring Social Content Optimization and shared a model, which can help optimize content, including video.

5. Looking for more information?

For more tips on creating video content: MediaBistro shared in its 10,000 Words section “Creative and innovative uses of online video” highlighting online video use from media companies, websites and educational institutions. The site also links to “15 tips for shooting online video” and “How to shoot great video quickly and efficiently.”


Image credit: omgayeo

Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/EdelmanDigital/~3/_zWyYex7Xrw/