Wednesday 25 April 2018

Is SCO the new SEO?

In oversimplified terms, SEO to the average company is a process of performing research into the words people are using when searching or discussing online. Company X then refines the copy and metadata on their site to match the vernacular people are using to improve their relevance in search result rankings. Of course this is a very simplified description. For more information click here (PDF).

SCO (Social Content Optimization), is a process Edelman Digital is presently refining based on our belief that search and social are intertwined.

In our model, we first perform that initial search and social conversation audit to see what people are asking for or discussing but then compare the results to a company’s public digital assets such as videos, images and documents to see if they are properly aligned with the vernacular people use for search and easily shared between people socially.

In short, a digital asset that is searchable AND sharable is more relevant. Theoretically, the net result looks something like a huge spider, spreading and maximizing the find-ability and share-ability of a client’s materials so they organically work much harder for you.

What are your thoughts on the future of search – do you have a content optimization plan for your business?

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