Tuesday 24 April 2018

Who are the real online influencers?

Introducing BlogLevel and TweetLevel 2.0





The influence of bloggers in Australia continues to increase, with Australians turning to them for all sorts of information; from which pram to buy, to the latest news in the world of marketing.

The challenge for marketing professionals is to identify which of these bloggers are influential and should be top of the list when it comes to amplifying campaigns and news.  The challenge doesn’t stop there as marketers also seek to identify influencers on Twitter to ensure they are targeting the right people to share their company news as far as possible.

So how do you identify the influencers?  Introducing BlogLevel and version 2.0 of TweetLevel, free tools developed by Edelman that allow marketers to identify who is influential on a particular topic, on a designated platform.  Across four categories (influence, popularity, engagement and trust) TweetLevel identifies influencers on Twitter, and BlogLevel helps make sense of the blogosphere.

The new tools build on Edelman’s original TweetLevel, which MTV used to select its first “Twitter Jockey,” dubbed one of the top Twitter moments of 2010. Both tools offer practical intelligence for companies and brands, using a proprietary algorithm that employs forty different metrics to track and score bloggers and tweeters in any language and country.  People who rank highest are those who create original ideas that are amplified by others, and engage most meaningfully with their followers.

You can also use these tools to track and rank:

  • influencers based on specific topics;
  • the conversations people are having and the links they’re sharing;
  • what any given tweeter or blogger is discussing, influencing and being influenced by.

BlogLevel and TweetLevel, and the underlying algorithm, are different from existing influence tools in several other ways:

  • Distinct metrics for “idea starters” vs. “amplifiers”: BlogLevel and TweetLevel distinguish between people who are “idea starters”– the people who originate ideas or are first to surface news – and the “amplifiers”’ who spread other peoples’ ideas. Both are influential, but BlogLevel and TweetLevel recognise and emphasise their influence differently.
  • BlogLevel algorithm considers the discussions on other social media platforms and search optimisation: Unlike other blog ranking tools, BlogLevel ranks importance by how much a post is discussed on Twitter and how optimised the blog’s content is for search.
  • Broadcast to engagement ratio: TweetLevel places higher rankings on people who engage in conversation and post relevant content, as opposed to those who simply post their views.  TweetLevel analyses every tweet to help marketers match their brands and issues with the right people, increasing the efficiency and relevance of influencer outreach and engagement efforts.

So go on, try it out. See how you score.


Tell us what you think about BlogLevel: what do you like? What would you like to see more of?


For more information about BlogLevel and TweetLevel, visit www.edelman.com/influence


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