Wednesday 21 March 2018

Ice cool new campaign

With the rain and chill of a Sydney winter closing in, it’s a sad fact that much of my time is spent thinking about what hot and sandy island I can find for my next summer vacation.

Which makes it all the more surprising I can’t take my eyes off the latest videos from Destination Arctic Circle.

I’ll admit it, I would like to think of myself as a bit of a traveller (a whole 6 countries and counting), but I had never even passed a flickering thought to going to Greenland – until this amazing and strangely addictive social media campaign caught my eye.

The campaign features six real life adventure clips designed solely for use across social media websites. The videos follow the truly epic winter adventure of two Greenland natives as they do all the things I never knew I wanted to do: Jump out of a helicopter, heli-ski down a glacier, set up camp in the freezing cold – even knitting with local Greenlanders.

All of the videos are cleverly intertwined with other social platforms, with photo’s, tips and secret locations being posted on their Facebook page. (Check out their Twitter, YouTube and Greenland Tourism’s Facebook page.)

What’s also cool about the videos is that hidden in each video is a traditional Greenlandic carving. At the end of the six videos, addicts like me who can spot all six will go into the draw for a free trip to Greenland.

The campaign also highlights for me the power of ingenuitive travel campaigns, and how often they have reignited the my personal travel bug. What I have always found amazing is that the most influential are never the most expensive, rather they are the ones that highlight the best things about travelling: Engaging with people, places and experiences which I would never have imagined. And what better way to engage (sans travelling) than through social media?

So go ahead and watch the video, and I’ll see you in Greenland!



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