Monday 23 April 2018

Preying on women

Last night, two of my colleagues and I braved Sydney’s cold snap and headed down to the Social Media Women’s June event. This month’s guest speaker was Jodie Fox, founder, innovator and social media extraordinaire, from Shoes of Prey. Sporting a to-die-for pair of leopard print ankle boots, all eyes were diverted to the floor when this twenty-something, fashion savvy, business women took the stage.

Source: La Moda Dubai

Now, when you combine 50-odd women, all predominately from the communications industry and all with a love for shoes (we are women after all), you can guarantee there will be copious amounts of banter shared over a vino or two, and in one instance, one or two too many (not an Edelmanite, Edelmanee, E-Mite?). Needless to say, we were eager for Jodie to begin her presentation.

For those of you who don’t know what Shoes of Prey is, it’s a website that allows you to design your very own custom shoes. From the style to the heel, the pattern to the fabric, you are in control of absolutely everything, and with over three TRILLION combinations, you’d be pretty hard pressed to design a shoe that wasn’t utterly and completely you.

Anyway, the purpose of Jodie’s talk was to tell us how Shoes of Prey used social media to go from a company started in Jodie’s lounge room with her business partners, Michael and Mike, to the global company it is today – a mere 18 months later.

Source: Shoes of Prey

Enter YouTube. Shoes of Prey reached out to 16 year old YouTube phenomenon Blair Fowler of JuicyStar07. With over 723,000 subscribers and over 135 million video views, Blair ensured huge audience reach – in fact, her Shoes of Prey post became the third most watched video on YouTube at that time. Unsurprisingly, Blair’s YouTube post catapulted Shoes of Prey into the international market. From here, Shoes of Prey developed their Facebook and Twitter pages, with over 23,000 and 2,800 followers, respectively.

When discussing their presence on social media properties, Jodie made note that the success of their sites was in replying quickly (within 10 minutes) and relevantly. Giving the example of one unhappy Shoes of Prey customer who posted on Twitter a negative comment about her experience, without directing it to the brand, Jodie found this comment, liaised with the Tweep and was able to aptly turn the badvocate into an advocate. As such, she referenced Twitter as a ‘great proactive tool that allows brands to reach out to customers without waiting for them to come to you’. Well said Jodie.

Leaving the event, I felt inspired and motivated – to the point where I went home and began designing my own pair of Shoes of Prey booties, all in the name of research of course!

Source: Shoes of Prey

I couldn’t resist showing you some of the to-die-for, eye-candy designs that have been created by Shoes of Prey customers.

Source for all images: Shoes of Prey

Now if you love luxe leather adorning your tootsies like I do, can I suggest you head to and get designing.


Also, make sure you check out their social media properties:

Twitter – for tips and tricks

Facebook – to view other peoples beautiful designs

Shoes of Prey Blog – for utter heel envy and inspiration

22Michaels Blog – for insider tips on how Shoes of Prey became sooooo darn successful


Until next time, this little Dorothy is out

Holly Stewart