Saturday 24 February 2018

Is Don Is Good

We’re looking for another Don or even someone who is better than Don.  Don is our resident American he’s a highly skilled professional, who’s not afraid to pick up the phone to a journalist or challenge a client brief. He knows how to communicate with all types of levels and he can think on his feet whilst managing multiple deadlines.  He writes and speaks English well, albeit American English, but we’re slowly teaching him some Aussie lingo.  Don knows his stuff. He keeps up to date with the changing communications landscape and  as a result he’s created some brilliant campaigns and ideas for his clients.

He thrives on working on our big accounts, because he knows that’s what will look good on his resume. But what we like most about Don is that he’s passionate about his work and he always aims to deliver the very best for his clients. He’s got impeccable attention to detail and although this trait is slightly annoying, it’s something the Edelman team truly values.

Unfortunately for us, we can’t create a clone. So if you’re like Don, know someone like Don or think you can be better than Don, call me, email me, tweet me or look me up on LinkedIn. We would prefer that you have experience in health and wellness and a love for food and drink brands, so if you think you fit the bill I’d love to hear from you. BTW you don’t need to be American!

If you’ve managed to work out what we are looking for, then you deserve an interview.  No promises.

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LinkedIn:  Johanna Osorio