Thursday 26 April 2018

Social Media Mapping APAC – Facebook Marches On

Taking lead from our colleagues in EMEA, we wanted to share some data about social media use and trends across our region. Some key insights:

  • As in Europe, Facebook dominates the APAC landscape with strong presence in 9 out of the 13 countries featured in the map.
  • Having said that, the North Asian countries do have a strong local social media presence. In China it’s RenRen, South Korea has CyWorld, Taiwan its Wretch and Japan has become a Twitter nation quickly.
  • Highest internet penetration is in New Zealand (85.40% – go the kiwis!) followed by South Korea (81.10%). But the South Korean figure is more significant, given that there is 39 million internet users out of 48 million population.
  • In terms of usage, Asian netizens are mostly using the internet for video watching especially in northern part, while southern part mostly dominated by social networking. Next usage come in line is for reading and writing, and the least usage the internet are for photo sharing, though in certain countries the percentage figure is quite high.

So, what to say to a company looking to expand their social media presence in APAC? First, understand the market and the local behavior in the social media space. Secondly, visual content (e.g. video and Infographics) are key. Finally, Twitter – although not featured as a the top social media platform in most of countries except for Japan – it is still a very strong force to reckon with. What else do you see?

View APAC Social Media Map on SlideShare.

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