Sunday 22 April 2018

Empire Avenue: Making Investments on the Social Media Exchange

At Edelman Digital we watch as the digital space grows, new tools and platforms emerge and we provide our teams around the world with thought provoking internal POVs. Due to the demand for POVs and analysis on emerging media, we want to share some of our thoughts with our external stakeholders. While some emerging technology that we review strike us immediately as opportunities for our clients, others take time to grow, evolve and provide value. We start the discussion early and reevaluate as new features emerge.

We’ve been watching Empire Avenue grow over the past month, reading as more brands use the platform and considering how (and if) our clients should engage on the network. We read The Next Web’s A Beginners Guide to Empire Avenue, Web Strategist’s Empire Avenue Provides Social Gaming Opportunities –and Challenges– for Brands, Scobelizer’s The social stock market: Empire Ave, Dachis Group’s Cruising for a bruising and Voce’s Game or Tool? It’s What You Make of It.

After reading the initial buzz, gathering our own opinions after participating on the network and working with our strategy teams, we shared a POV with our global team. After you’ve read through, we want to hear your thoughts and questions on the platform. Do you think trading social currency is the next step for brands engaging on social media? Or are you wondering how Empire Avenue can monitor and grow your brand’s social currency?

You ask, we’ll answer. Check back in a week for in-depth responses to all your Empire Avenue reactions.

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