Wednesday 24 August 2016

Edelman Australia scoops eBay business

Australia’s Leading Online Marketplace, eBay, appoints Edelman as its local PR agency

Edelman Australia has announced its appointment as the Australian agency of record for eBay, following on from a successful project completed earlier this year.

The appointment will see Edelman lead a range of consumer, corporate and B2B communication projects for eBay Australia. The local team joins Edelman offices across North America, Europe and Asia as the company’s agency of record.

Announcing the appointment, Daniel Feiler, Director of Communications for eBay Asia Pacific said, “The Edelman Australia team inherently understands our brand, our business challenges and our communications objectives in the local market. We look forward to partnering with them to help tell our story of evolution to Australia’s leading online shopping destination for brand new goods, as well as the impact of eCommerce in Australia.”

Alexandra Kelly, General Manager Sydney, added, “eBay is one of Australia’s most recognisable retail brands and leaders in Australian eCommerce. We’re excited to add the global online retail market leader to our local portfolio – it’s testament to the great talent we have managed to attract to Edelman.”

In February and March, Edelman helped eBay during its participation at the 2011 Online Retail Forum and the launch of its second annual Online Business Index, a study of Australian-based businesses engaged in eCommerce. Since January, Edelman Australia has also served as the hub office for eBay’s regional media relations activities across Asia Pacific.

The win comes off the back of a number of high profile wins for the agency over the last six months including: Samsung, EA Mobile and Johnson & Johnson.

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