Wednesday 21 March 2018

When Blogs Mean Business

Back in 2006, I started a blog. Before social media, Facebook and whatever you want to call all aspects of social business—there were “blogs.” Blogs connected disparate nodes on a free form network and were one of the pillars of disruption that has contributed to the fragmented media landscape we see today. But the novelty has worn off—nobody talks about them anymore, and that is validation that they are simply a part of how we now do business. Companies are also now content engines—this is the premise of the “owned” digital property, one which you have considerable control over which can support valuable content and conversations.

Being a social business today means you understand that search engines reward quality content. You also know that giving your most important stakeholders a forum where they can have a voice matters. A “blog” is no longer just a blog. It’s now part of a new value system which helps a business stay connected, because a connected business is a better business. With that said, we are pleased to be part of the finalists on the list below as they represent some of the more active “blogs” in business. Congrats to our fellow connected companies as well as finalists identified via Social Fresh. We’re honored to be in such solid company.

Arment Dietrich – Agency

Brafton – Custom online content production and consulting

Brains on Fire – Agency

Citrix – Virtual computing

Compassion International – Childhood poverty philanthropy

The Dachis Group – Social media agency

Disney Parks – Walt Disney parks

Edelman Digital – Digital PR agency

Exact Target – Email service provider

Flowtown – Email and social media data company

Get Satisfaction – Online feedback solution

GFI – Software and security

Griffin – Smart phone accessories

Kissmetrics – Social media metrics

A Healthier Michigan – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

HubSpot – small business software

Ignite Social Media – Social media agency

Likeable Media – Facebook focused social media agency

Network Solutions – Domain name registrar and small business support

Ogilvy PR 360 Digital Influence – Digital PR agency

OneForty – Social media and small business resource

Playstation – Gaming platform

Radian6 – Social media monitoring company (Owned by Salesforce)

SEOmoz – SEO software and resources

Southwest Airlines – Airline

Time Warner Cable – Telecommunications provider

Webtrends – Website, mobile, social analytics and software

Whole Foods – Grocery chain

Wildfire Interactive – Social media management

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