Wednesday 21 March 2018

The Path Forward

It may not seem all that long ago that we announced the addition of Mike Slaby to our team. Mike Slaby played a crucial role in US President Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign. Mike left such an indelible mark on the campaign and on the President that he has been asked to return for the 2012 campaign. That news means that after a short and eventful stay with us, Mike is heeding the President’s call.

We wish Slaby the best in ‘round 2’ with President Obama.

When Mike informed us of his news, we began to look at our digital practice and at the role of digital across our entire business.

We feel our clients are increasingly looking for global digital strategies that seamlessly integrate into their overall marketing and business strategies. We are also seeing increasing demand around the following:

  • Mobile: Audiences shifting away from desktop devices to a more mobile, connected lifestyle
  • Social: All facets of business being shifted to being more connected — marketing beyond
  • Search: Google becoming the first and most trusted source to connect people to information
  • Content: From text to video to what users generate vs. the “pros”
  • Platforms: Helping clients leverage technology to more effectively engage all stakeholders across multiple platforms (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • Analytics: Targeting, measuring, and proving the value of all digital tactics

Against this backdrop, we are reaffirming our goal to be a significant and meaningful digital player across the entire communications spectrum: From marketing services and advocacy to corporate reputation management and employee engagement.

To help our drive against the above, I am happy to announce three appointments.

Kevin King will be taking on the role of Global Practice Chair for Edelman Digital. Kevin has been with Edelman for 8 years and in the digital space for the last 14. Since joining Edelman, Kevin has lead the NY digital practice and most recently was leading digital strategy for our GCRM clients. In his new role, he will continue to drive strategy for some of our largest global clients working closely with digital and client teams to grow and dimensionalize these across the network.

Additionally, we are excited to introduce a new global position for the practice that will be focused on identifying opportunities where we can innovate fast and activate selectively with the right client partners. David Armano will be taking on the role as EVP, Global Innovation and Integration. As part of this role David will be responsible for identifying and forming strategic alliances, seeking opportunities to leverage content, and developing visible innovative service and product solutions. David is a visionary in the digital space, and having him focus on innovation will keep us far in front of the competition.

I have also asked Steve Rubel to take on a broader role across the firm which aligns with our Public Engagement mandate. Serving as EVP, Global Strategy and Insights, Steve will use his unique skills across the PR and digital worlds to drive colleague and client understanding in unifying media strategies across mainstream, new, social and owned media. I envision Steve working closely with our colleagues across client teams, practices, geographies and in digital, content, creative and media. He will, of course, continue to be one of our most notable thought leaders in emerging tools and technologies.

Please join me in wishing Slaby well and in congratulating Kevin, David and Steve. Also, please let any of us know if you have questions. You can reach me via email or on Twitter @AlanVanderMolen.

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