Wednesday 25 April 2018

Changing political landscape of New South Wales

Saturday March 26 witnessed a major change to the political landscape of New South Wales with the 16-year old ALP government removed in an historic reversal of fortune. The state saw huge swings with the O’Farrell-led Coalition picking up seats they never believed winnable. The challenge for the new government, once the euphoria wears off, is to urgently address the challenges of a planning, transport and infrastructure system that has seen better days! The early signs are positive with new Premier Barry O’Farrell moving quickly to assert his authority in all these areas. Mr O’Farrell has singled out streamlining the planning process, sorting out the transport system and attracting more major infrastructure spending as key priorities as well as reforming the state’s finances. He has selected key ministers Brad Hazzard (Planning and Infrastructure), Gladys Berejiklian (Transport) as well as Mike Baird (Treasury) and Greg Pearce (Finance) to overhaul these important portfolio areas and to initiate more efficient and accountable government procedures. The new government is expected to be more open and accessible with Barry O’Farrell committed to improved relationships with the business community in particular. Private enterprise is likely to have a bigger role in the future direction of New South Wales, and to have more opportunity to help shape policy direction.

As someone involved in corporate communication, a new administration with new advisers provides the opportunity to get in front of government at the early stage, particularly as the Coalition shapes and implements individual policy decisions. Edelman can assist you with this as the new government starts work in New South Wales.


-Nic Jarvis