Tuesday 24 April 2018

Health updates move to video

In the area of healthcare public relations, it is vital to stay up to date with the latest news in the health industry. 6 Minutes, a daily e-newsletter, and Medical Observer a weekly online and print newsletter, are trusted sources of the latest health information and two of the biggest health publications that go out to GPs nationwide.

Medical Observer and 6 Minutes’ sister publication Australian Doctor, have been leaders of the health information space for quite some time, as they have been able to stay on top of the fragmented media industry by providing print newsletters, e-newsletters and online news to their readers.

Now, Medical Observer and 6 Minutes have taken a step further by branching into the world of video. Doctors, nurses, journalists and public relations professionals can now get the latest health updates, in video, sent straight to their inboxes.

This not only takes media monitoring to a whole new level of excitement, but significantly changes how we pitch stories and report to clients. Lack of space may no longer be an issue as much more information is able to be given to health care professionals via video news reports.

This also gives us the opportunity to better utilise key opinion leaders, who may be interviewed for the video news reports, and also the opportunity to submit video or audio media releases which are now more likely to be used.

Find the videos here:

-          You can watch the first episode of 6 Minutes and you can also check them out on Twitter: @6_minutes

-          You need to be a registered member of Medical Observer, but if you are, you can check out their videos here: http://www.medicalobserver.com.au/video


-Sarah G


Image Source: Medical Observer