Monday 23 April 2018

As Twitter turned 5 – I celebrated with five reasons why I decided to join the phenomenon…

Twitter celebrated both its fifth birthday on March 21 and 500,000 new users daily, – not bad for a five year old. I’m now one of these new users and have become hooked.

My Twitter experience to date has only been a positive one.  I’ve found it refreshing and stimulating to explore a new realm of social networking.

So in line with Twitter’s birthday, it sparked me to think about why I joined and why I would encourage others to do the same. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter or are new like me (to the working world and the social networking site), then this will hopefully provide PR and communications professionals with some great advice…

1 – Twitter provides a sense of community: The recent Twestival in Sydney allowed me to witness the power of social media. Hundreds of Public Relations professionals flocked together for a one night event and were encouraged to ‘tweet’ about the happenings of the night – with 100% of the proceeds going to Redkite. It was a great occasion to network and exchange tweet details with like-minded people.  Opportunists such as these are imperative in the communications industry, and through Twitter I was able to experience and absorb myself in that community.

2 – Instant news: Twitter provides world breaking and local news. Many people from around the world knew about the disaster in Japan before the media had a chance to broadcast on it. Having the ability to obtain significant and transparent news is vital and I feel through Twitter I have the ability to be more connected than ever before.

3 – Stay connected on a local and global level: Since joining the social networking site, I’ve had the opportunity to join relevant Twitter lists that relates directly to the work I’m involved in e.g. Edelman Australia and a Tech based list. Twitter is providing me with significant benefits on a personal, professional and business level as I’m staying up to date with important content.

4 – Engage in conversation: Twitter has also allowed me to think more broadly and ask myself questions I wouldn’t usually. I’ve had the chance to contemplate more about the public relations industry, the technology world and general information. Engaging in new conversations has reminded me how exciting the online space is to keep pushing the envelope – especially in the work place.

5Twitter allows me to share and consume information: I now have the opportunity, more than ever, to promote my personal opinion and content, while also watching people from all around the world input their valued beliefs and ideas online.

I’m really excited to keep expanding my Twitter network and keep exploring and learning about the space.

So please look me up: @alex_loftus

I look forward to reading your insights.

  • J Mayhew

    Your twitter blog has drawn me in…
    A previous harsh critic…Now potential user…

    You’ve converted me!!!!

  • Rhonda Loftus

    Yes I didn’t know much about twitter before but I feel I need to know now

  • Alexandra Loftus

    Glad to offer you a new perspective on Twitter!

    Hope to see your account up and running soon :)

  • Alexandra Loftus

    Plenty to learn and explore…Twitter awaits you!