Monday 23 April 2018

Things I’ve learnt about PR from Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is considered a complete system, combining the most effective elements of grappling and striking arts to create a seamless system that covers all bases. – Dominance MMA

There are many similarities between MMA and PR, aside from lending their names to acronyms. I’d like to start by looking at pitching for business, as an Edelman firm. With outstanding competencies in PR, communications, marketing, traditional media, social media and digital, our range of skills affords us the privilege of thinking and working broader than traditional PR.

And, as the global Edelman brand expands, we now find ourselves up against advertising, branding, digital and creative agencies. Having developed our mix of skills we are no longer restricted to a single discipline. It’s game on for competitive pitches and we’re surpassing the beginner stage … no headgear!

Striking or Grappling?
We are armed with a variety of techniques to choose from and we look to this diversity for giving our best. We go in with a strategy guided by our strengths, weaknesses and an assessment of the situation. Who else is involved? What are their strengths and weaknesses? What do we need to do to win? How much striking will we need (roundhouse kicks, elbows and knees), or will we take it to the mat and grapple our way to victory?

In training we practice individual disciplines as well as MMA – sometimes a situation will call for a more ‘gentle way’ (a translation of ‘Judo’) or we may need to work on more defensive and aggressive skills of boxing and Muay Thai, perhaps during a crisis or acquisition. And sometimes we bring them all together for a truly magnificent display of ‘Mixed Public Relations’.

Coming Into Our Own
Recently, UFC magazine hit the stands, a printed measure of the increasing popularity of MMA and its appeal to a broader audience. Public Relations is also experiencing a similar upturn as the value of our industry strengthens in the market. We are being realised for our diverse mix of talents and strength of our offering in all areas of communication.

MMA is a controlled and expert practice, even when it looks messy, even if you have to tap out. The best fighters are disciplined, focused and live their game. It is a lifestyle of fitness, health, knowledge and clarity of thought.

Every move is with purpose.

-Kimberley L

  • Justin Watts

    I bet PR would kick but in a street brawl too.

  • Kimberley Lee

    Smart action with purpose is what we like! Thanks for stopping by, Justin.