Sunday 22 April 2018

Social Media Milestones

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It’s been a year since former Edelman Digital president Rick Murray introduced this property to the community announcing that “it takes a village” to not only launch—but sustain initiatives like what you see here on Looking back, we hope that we’ve provided value in the form of insights and information which helps move your business forward. We’ve had well over a hundred Edelman employees contributing here and we produce unique content nearly every day. Moving forward, we’ll continue to keep the content coming, and you can expect to see another version of this property emerge—one which offers an improved user experience and is aligned with the high bar we set for ourselves here. Have feedback on what that experience should be? We’d love to talk to you on Twitter. Use the #edeldig3.0 hash tag.

More importantly, we wanted to celebrate our own milestone in social media by producing something of value for you. The social media milestones poster puts together some key events that have happened in social media over the years. Some are company related and others, purely societal. We couldn’t fit everything we would have liked—but these are some significant ones. The asset is for you—to put on your office wall, share with friends or enhance your presentations. It’s our way of saying thank you—and also our acknowledgment that this thing we all refer to as “social” is here to stay and has fundamentally shifted how we communicate, connect and create. Special thanks to Edelmanite Heather Grice who helped design the milestones artifact as well as every Edelman contributor. And thank YOU for your participation this past year. Here’s to many more…

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