Monday 23 April 2018

The Future is NOW: where to for the media?

Image by Guilherme Jofili

RIFF :// A clever or inventive commentary or remark; a really cool must-attend event

Tomorrow night (March 8th) the Edelman Melbourne office will be hosting the first of a series of intimate events called THE RIFF.

First-up topic to be ‘riffed on’ is a theme near and dear to all our hearts in the PR and marketing world:

The Future is NOW: where to for the media?

To add weight to the conversation we’ve assembled a well-credentialed panel consisting of:

Michael, James and Finn will take to the stage of a well-known (and quite dark!) Melbourne jazz club to discuss their views on the current state of the media, and where they think it might be heading in the future.

In keeping with the ethos that is the social web (and ironically a key disrupter of traditional media as we know it), the event will be filmed and posted on this blog.

We will also be taking questions from the Twitterverse during the event. We’d love for you to follow (and/or join) the conversation online – keep an eye out for the hashtag #EdelRiff (from 6:30 pm onwards Tuesday, March 8).

Trevor Young