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Friday Five: Reasons to Use Digital Presentation Tools

Online presentation tools like SlideShare and Scribd have been growing in popularity over the past year, but they remain a fairly well-kept digital secret. Since online presentation-sharing is a growing trend, we wanted to share reasons these tools can be useful and important to your business or brand. These tools are not just for the digitally savvy, as they can be helpful to anyone sharing news, thoughts or intellectual property (IP).

1. Branded channels to share IP.
Both SlideShare and Scribd allow you to create a personalized or branded channel to share your latest news and organization insight. If you visit the PSFK SlideShare, you may notice the theme matches their website. These channels provide not only a professional place to aggregate all of your documents and presentations, but you can do it in a way that shows your brand exactly how you want. When playing around with all the different settings you’ll be surprised with how much you can do! One key feature on Scribd is the ability to customize the look and feel of presentations embedded on websites, so if someone puts your presentation in their blog post, you still control what the audience sees.

2. Content-sharing across channels.
Once you put a presentation online, it instantly becomes shareable. It can be easily shared via Facebook or Twitter and also available for download for sharing via e-mail or a good old-fashioned hard copy. This allows anyone the ability to share across their network, social or not.

3. A source to follow company news.
You’ve heard plenty about the benefits of being on Twitter or Facebook or YouTube, so why should you add one more thing to your list? Networks like SlideShare and Scribd have an incredibly focused purpose and therefore a focused audience. Folks who hang out on these sites are looking for IP and news from companies they care about. This provides an easy place for some of your most passionate stakeholders to keep up with you and get notifications anytime you add new content.

4. Viral presentations.
Because communities on networks like SlideShare and Scribd are much more focused, they are also more likely to share good or exciting content. By sharing only the best content through their other networks, they’re likely to spark others to share as well. There are also sections for the presentations that are shared most often on both Facebook and Twitter as well as within categories (like technology or business). The more your presentation is shared, the more likely you will be featured, which leads to more sharing. It’s easier for a presentation on one of these sites to go viral and quickly.

5. Keep track of who is downloading.
One of the biggest benefits to using an online sharing tool for your IP is the ability to know who is downloading it. You can see who downloads your documents and presentations, and whether they have downloaded more than one. This functionality helps identify users who are stakeholders in your company as well as those who may be interested in working with you.

What other benefits do you see? Do you have a favorite online sharing platform?

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