Monday 23 April 2018

3 New Music Campaigns With Lots Of Fans

Musicians were one of the first to look at non-traditional communication channels and really drill down into creating great engaging campaigns. With music industry majors struggling to embrace the change to the way we access music we’ve seen industry fragmentation and music artists become more innovative.

After spotting a tweet from Famous Mag the Edelman office had a lot of fun with the group Duck Sauce’s recently released micro-site, The site’s shows off the value of simple interactive content. Fans play with the lyrics of the song and edit the easily recognisable chorus with different words, with the right words and syllables it’s quite amusing and something that can be easily shared with friends and colleagues.

Twitter and YouTube offer another such interactive avenue. The band the Daylights’ music video, I Hope This Gets To You, gained popularity after they asked fans on YouTube and Twitter to share the video on social networks in an attempt to send a message to their flatmate’s girlfriend. The videos success goes a long way to demonstrate  the value of authentic and direct band-to-fan communication.

The last campaign that’s stood-out recently spans across one of my favourite mediums, mobile. I spotted this app called ‘I Love You So’ from the band Cassius on Lifelounge a few months ago, it’s a great example of making fans part of your music. Fans download the app which plays the track with a screen showing a pair of lip-syncing lips. The lips are customisable and really amusing when placed across someone’s lips giving the song an added novelty value that you’ll want to share with friends. I like this app because it engages fans in a novel way quickly turning people into fans and advocates for the band.

These three campaigns provide good food for thought, highlighting how fan bases can grow through social media and interactive content.

Paul Phillips