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Health Digital Check-Up: Content Curation in Healthcare

It’s pretty clear that 2011 is set to be the year of content as the focus shifts from the newest, shiniest, hippest platforms to the content that powers those channels. In today’s hyper fast, and hyperbolic, environment, it’s not just enough to come out high in search ratings – you need to deliver content for which your audience is looking.

Enter the boom of content curation sites and apps that are popping up across the digital landscape. Until now, these services have been free, but with the addition of newcomer Ongo (see “New Services Popping up Quickly”), pay-for-play services are joining the mix. Why will readers pay for a service to curate and deliver their news when they can get services for free through any desktop or mobile apps? Ongo is offering experts – content will be curated, selected and published by a staff of professional editors, making it not only a one-stop shop for news, but the only one-stop shop for news selected and offered by people whose job it is to know the news – and betting that this expertise will separate from their money.

This is more than a trend to watch – it’s the future of content delivery. As goes delivery, so goes content creation – are we prepared as a community of Health PR professionals for the brave new world? Blink, and it will be here. Here are a few points you need to know about the news curation space – and how it applies to health.

Everybody’s Doing It…

…creating content that is. The democratization of the web has enabled anyone to be a content creator. What to do with the proliferation of information? Collect it, organize it, and serve it up. $47 billion was spent on doing just that in 2009. In 2010, 9 out of 10 B2B organizations reported they marketed with content – and 51% plan to increase spending on content marketing (Sept 2010, Marketing Profs and Junta B2B study).

New Services Popping Up Quickly

The most recent addition to the mix is Ongo. As reported in the January 25 New York Times, the young tech-startup is entering the world of news curation, as one of the first pay-for-play news curation websites. More importantly, they’re not jumping in alone. Ongo is coming onto the scene backed by The Washington Post, The New York Times Company and Gannett, publisher of USA Today – each with a $4 million investment in the service. All told, Ongo will be showcasing content from 20 different publications and is negotiating with at least 12 more.

Content Curation in Healthcare

My colleagues Steve Rubel and David Armano have listed content curation as one of the 11 Trends to Watch in 2011. I’ve taken this a step further and suggested it’s a must for healthcare, and it’s a niche waiting to be filled. As you can imagine, this is met with protests of regulatory backlash. Regulations are a challenge yes. Where there is challenge, there is often opportunity. Check out for a great example of healthcare content curation created by Dr. Bertala Mesko.

What’s Next?

There are a few things to think about when it comes to entering the content curation arena. Can you do the following?

  • Identify under-served niches and meet them
  • Frame up issues and discussions; editorialize
  • Make curation collaborative and social

If you can – there may just be a great opportunity to blaze a trail in the healthcare content space.

Image credit: The Italian Voice

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